Project 6 Instructions

This is a quick reference page for the basics to keep in mind for this particular extended project:

Due April 18th (It's a Friday)

Throughout building your project, keep in mind that you are working towards the Spring Expo, which is April 28th. 

You have two kinds of weekly check-ins; one will be face-to-face (f2f) with either Coach Jones or Coach Carroll Monday through Thursday of each week. By the end of the first week of the project phase, your group will have a specific day you'll check in. At each check-in, your group will need to bring your project calendar either physically or digitally. The second check-in is done online every Friday by filling out the 'Project 6 Weekly Check In' form, which you can find on the tab of the exact same name above. (It is our advice that you alternate who does this weekly, and you can wait as long as Sunday night of that week to fill it out.) BOTH CHECK-INS are formative grades each week! This means you'll get graded for this every week!

You MUST keep a calendar throughout the project! These will be checked weekly during f2f meetings with the coaches. You can use the one we provide in your tool box folder or you can create your own. It must be filled out and revised weekly! 

The check-ins and calendar will be treated as proposal category grades!

We'd like you to create one Google Folder for this project, share it as soon as you start the project with everyone, and use it as your main location for project work throughout the project.

Your final objective is to create a real product with a presentation for the Expo. You also need to utilize technology in some capacity. You'll need to talk through your tech use with Coach Carroll as he will be your tech guru/guide. The product can be almost literally anything! It can be tech oriented, social, service oriented, entrepreneurial, etc. The idea is that product is real and makes an impact in some way whether it builds on something that already exists, aids others, or is something completely new. The final product will be taken in as a project grade and will be judged by its completeness and presentation at the Expo.

Remember! Your content for AP and LA is being covered almost entirely in class! Be mindful of deadlines for studying for quizzes, writing, and test practice!