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18 January 2013

posted Jan 18, 2013, 6:54 AM by Unknown user
The language art's department of NGHS has a new late work policy. Please read the note below:

Dear Parents and Students,

I am writing to let you know about a change to the Language Arts Department Late-Work Policy that will take place effective immediately. 

In the past, students had the potential to earn full credit on an assignment the day it was due. 10% was deducted from that grade each day for the next five days and then the grade was frozen. The student still had the potential to earn 50% credit on that assignment regardless of when it was submitted. 

This policy has led to a disturbing trend.  Some students have been taking tests and quizzes in class, but waiting to complete homework assignments, study guides, and essays until the end of the semester.  One of the unfortunate side effects of this trend (besides the student having a low grade most of the semester and then stressing out in the last couple of weeks as he/she tries to complete a semester’s worth of work) is that teachers are unable to help students improve their skills when assignments are handled in this fashion.  In theory, teacher feedback on one assignment should lead to student improvement on the next assignment, but this cannot occur when all of the assignments are turned in together at the end of the semester.

The following new policy will be put into effect immediately.  Students are expected to turn their work in on time.  Late assignments are still 10% off per day that they are late for the first five days.  At the end of a unit, students will have a five day grace period to complete assignments for that unit (with the late points taken off).  This is to account for student illness, family emergencies, etc…  After this five day grace period, the unit will be closed out, and the student will no longer be permitted to turn in assignments for that unit.  Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances such as severe illness or extreme family emergency, but these will be the exception, not the rule.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.  We look forward to helping students improve their Language Arts Skills.


                                                                                                Your NGHS Language Arts Department

**Note: This only affects the LA portion of the Studio class.